Transition Shetland

Imagining Shetland’s Future

Transition Shetland has written a detailed response to Shetland Islands Council's 'scenario planning' project, 'Imagining Shetland's Future'.

Response to “Imagining Shetland’s Future” scenarios

Transition Shetland is a community group concerned with imagining and planning for these islands’ future, particularly in the light of Peak Oil, climate change and other environmental concerns. As such, the ‘scenario planning’ process is of considerable interest to us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to respond.

It is right, of course, for Shetland Islands Council to engage in such a project, and this seems a particularly pertinent time for it to take place. It is to be hoped that this kind of planning and forward thinking will mark an end to the seemingly directionless policy-making that has characterised the council’s activities over recent years.

However, while we as a group welcome the publication of these four scenarios, as well as the attempt to involve and engage the public in their content, we also consider them to be flawed in a number of important ways. These are outlined below.

We believe the scenarios have been shaped by certain assumptions that ought not to be taken for granted. We have tried to highlight some of these assumptions here. In addition, we have picked out a number of specific points for praise and other points for criticism.