Transition Shetland


A list of the projects that Transition Shetland is currently involved with:

Tingwall Glasshouse

Outside Glasshouse

In line with our aims, there has been an interest by the general public in the fact that the redundant glasshouse in Tingwall has lain idle for some years and should be put back into use for growing food.  The prime interest is the use of the building by the community for growing on a domestic scale, and could help produce food to satisfy local demand.

Transition Shetland is interested in the proposal as it has the potential to increase awareness in growing food locally, thereby substantially reducing the reliance on food imported from UK mainland and beyond.

Imagining Shetland’s Future

Transition Shetland has written a detailed response to Shetland Islands Council's 'scenario planning' project, 'Imagining Shetland's Future'.