Transition Shetland

April 2013 - Meeting

  • 15th Apr 2013 19:00

At Islesburgh

The first half will be spent no doubt talking about how well we are getting on with the glasshouse project as we move towards putting a feasibility study together and prepare to get inside the building.

We'll also be planning who is doing what for our BIG MOVIE NIGHT at the Shetland Museum and Archives on Friday 19 April when we show the fantastic documentary 'In Transition 2.0' followed by some stimulating discussions about what Transition Shetland is up to and the SIC growing project being run by the super talented and switched on Emma Perring and Maggie Sandison.

THEN: at 8pm Jim Dickson from Brae will be coming along in his Nissan Leaf electric car to tell us what it is like to run such a vehicle and whether this is the future of transport in these oil rich isles.

Please come along, join in and bring questions for Cap'n Jim to answer. Should be fun.