Transition Shetland


About Transition:

Members of Transition see the major challenges facing the world as Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Peak Oil
Peak Oil, is the effect when the fossil fuel extraction rate cannot fulfil demand.  The effect of this causes serious problems with the infrastructure we depend upon in our daily lives.
Climate Change
Climate Change is a consequence of our use of fossil fuels, and because of this, we need to consider the full repercussions of our actions and their effect on society.

Transition believes that we need to raise awareness and discuss these issues, identify the effects of climate Change and Peak Oil, pre-emptively plan local resilience to these effects.

The Transition Network:

The Transition Network is an initiative whose aims are to provide support to local communities who are interested in setting up or getting involved with the Ideas behind transition.

If you would like more information you can read the Transition Initiatives Primer.

Transition Shetland:

Transition Shetland is a group based on the Islands that is interested in building local resilience in the face of Peak Oil and Climate Change.